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Autism Awareness & Acceptance Cards- Pack of 50

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All families that have a member with Autism have witnessed a similar scenario...... the time when an unknown person either stares at the child too long or makes a comment out loud about how either poorly behaved or uncontrolled that autistic child is.  Some of us get angry, some of us have fled the scene, some have openly discussed that the child has Autism and others wished they could have had the time to openly discuss Autism first handed.  Use these times as a chance to educate the uneducated about Autism- it's the only true way to gain future acceptance.  

These cards come in a pack of 50 and are the same size as a typical business card for easy carrying and handing out.  The cards all have the same front side which announces that the child is Autistic and why they appear different than other children.  There are 10 different backsides with a term associated with Autism, a short description of that term and an example that anyone will be able to understand.  You can teach someone first handed an important lesson at a cost of less than 20 cents per lesson.

The following terms are included (5 cards with each):  Applied Behavior Analysis, Adaptive Behavior Therapy, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Echolalia, Hyperresponsiveness, Hyporesponsiveness, Inclusion, Seizures and Stimming.