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About us

We are a typical American family with 2 children; however one child has ADHD and the other with Autism.  We made this store, at least at the start, to make items available to others that focus on Autism.  Items like first responder safety signage and public awareness products.  We hope to evolve to also offer POSITIVE Autism message home/office décor items and apparel.

Everywhere you look, items that display Autism topics always have these multi-bright colored puzzle pieces, butterflies and text.  Often they display a negative tone such as “I have Autism, what is your excuse?”

How can we expect people whose families are not affected by Autism to truly accept a person that is on the spectrum when they see a message with such a “in-your-face” and negative tone?  Education and inspiration will lead to acceptance much quicker.

Everything about Autism is not bad and not to be feared.  We need to educate the public that this is true every chance we get. 

We will also be offering items in a special section called the Stuart Duncan Collection.  Stuart Duncan is a man with Autism and also has a child with Autism.  Mr. Duncan created Autcraft which is an invitation only private server based platform for people with autism and their families/friends to play the game Minecraft and not worry about being bullied due to their disability.

Mr. Duncan has many clever Autism related quotes that he mostly posts on Twitter.  Many of these quotes are inspiring and deserve attention on many platforms.  Mr. Duncan has graciously given us permission to incorporate his words in many applications, so visit frequently as many home décor and apparel items will display his inspiring quotes in an attractive fashion.

If there is an Autism related product you make or would like to see made available on our site, let us know, we’d love to hear about it.